What is the Summit Free Market?

The Summit Free Market enables Summit residents to share unwanted, reusable items in a completely free and convenient way. Seasonal exchanges of yard sale quality items are held at the city of Summit Transfer station on New Providence Road on two consecutive Saturdays in the spring and fall. The Summit Free Market web site provides residents with a way to share unwanted, reusable items year-round on an ongoing basis.

Who is involved in the Summit Free Market?

The Summit Free Market concept was first formulated by a group of dedicated, environmnentally conscious students ranging from grades sixth to twelve and each enrolled in both local public schools and area private schools. With the guidance of adult mentors and volunteer professionals, the Summit Free Market focuses on bettering the environment and involving the local community.

What Items May I Share?

A wide range of items may be shared at the Summit Free Market online and at the city of Summit Transfer Station.

• Any good working item with a plug would be better off in use than in a landfill. From coffee grinders to refrigerators, there are times when people decide they simply have no more use for an item. A computer is a sought after free market item. While you might have the need for the latest and greatest, a child will flourish fine with word processing and Internet capability to do his or her homework.

• Furniture is a popular item. As our life changes so does the need for beds, dressers or tables. But just as your need is waning, rest assure that someone out there is considering buying that same item. Child-size furniture is probably the most evident in this cycle.

• Children's toys and play equipment, such as swing sets, trampolines, baby rattles, are also popular. The need for these items often changes before the life of the product ends. You must check all aspects of safety on the product before allowing your child to come in contact with an item. Also, check with the product manufacturer and government agencies such as the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to see if any problems have been discovered with the product. The item must be safe, in good condition and should NOT be a recalled item.

• Clothing is also a good free market product. Whether you've been fortunate enough drop a few pant sizes or your child has hit a growth spurt, often clothing can be put to good use even when you are done. A good tip for child-size clothing is pairing up with someone in your group who has a child at the right age and size to take advantage of your child's hand-me-downs.

• Constant collectibles are items frequently used and discarded in a household that people have found another use for. For example, a gardener might use egg cartons to plant seedlings or egg shells as a soil supplement.

What Items Are Restricted by the Summit Free Market?

For a full listing of restricted items, please visit www.cityofsummit.org or go to the Summit Free Market link.

How does the Summit Free Market work?

The Summit Free Market is 100% free and non-commercial. When you visit the Summit Free Market at the city of Summit Transfer Station, either with an item to exchange, or simply to browse, you will first be required to complete a simple sign-in and will be asked to weigh your item if you bring one to share. Then if you find something you like and can use, take it home with you. It’s really that simple. Volunteers are on-hand each week to help organize items to be shared and to ensure that only unrestricted items are included in Summit Free Market offerings.

The Summit Free Market web site allows residents of the city of Summit to register and exchange items online. Users offer items to share on the Summit Free Market site. When site visitors see an offered item that interests them, they send an email to the poster requesting the item. Once the user responds, pick-up of the item is arranged, and the item is listed on the site as taken.

Why is the Summit Free Market Important?

The Summit Free Market’s goals include, but are not limited to: fostering environmentally friendly practices among the community, providing a socially engaging, yet proactive activity for a varying social community and finally educating the public about the importance of reusing viable products. To date, the Summit Free Market has successfully kept approximately 10 tons of reusable items out of landfill.

Why the existence of a physical location and an online venue for the Summit Free Market?

When examining the advantages of a physical location for the Summit Free Market, having an easy to maintain, and flexible physical location not only lends to overall ease of use, but encourages a sense of community, openness and a welcoming atmosphere for all. Secondly, having the temporary structure of a large, outdoor tent provides the Summit Free Market with not only flexibility of use but with before said advantages. Also, having a physical location provides a sense of anonymity whereby people do not have to pick items up at someone’s home. Next, when examining the online location, or website, it becomes clear that for people who have larger items to exchange (i.e. refrigerators, bedroom sets, etc), providing those people with an easier method of ‘listing’ their items and making them available without having to experience inconvenience in transporting the items. All efforts by the Summit Free Market will focus on attracting the Summit public into utilizing the environmentally friendly services the Summit Free Market provides.

Upcoming Summit Free Market Events:

The next Summit Free Market event at the city of Summit Transfer Station will take place in early November. The Summit Free Market web site allows residents to share and locate items online on a continuing basis.

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